Do businesses really care about charities?

Running an event for charity seems like an easy task. Ask people and businesses to donate, and they will because it’s for a good cause, right?

It turns out this is not the case. I’ve contacted at least 30 local businesses asking for small prize donations. Only 1 of them have actually given a donation. That’s one third of a percent of businesses.

Even our local drama school, who we’ve been supporting for 3 years with class fees and ticket sales, said no. I had asked them for a pair of tickets, with a maximum value of £20.

I expect that every business gets many requests. In my job I get lots of requests too. I always reply and I always make sure we support where we can.

Many businesses didn’t even reply. I only got a reply from 10% of the businesses I contacted.

Can I conclude from this that only 10% of business owners care enough to reply, and less than 1% are prepared to show a small amount of support? If this is representative, this is a worrying sign for our future, when charities will need to pick up where public sector can no longer deliver.


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