How not to bath a baby

Have you seen the Facebook post showing a shiny new parent lovingly lathering their baby's head in shampoo as the child coos with pleasure? It's here in case you've missed it. I'm not sure where they got that baby but my cheeky chappy didn't get that happy bathtime memo. Our bathtime tonight inspired me to jot down… Continue reading How not to bath a baby

Working mum

How to win at being a working Mum

In Management Today's Women in Business section, Lady Barbara Judge tells me that long maternity breaks are bad for women. She says all babies need is to eat, sleep and to be kept clean, and that this can be done by an 18 year old. A Mum's job, apparently, is to earn money to pay the 18… Continue reading How to win at being a working Mum


Should brands worry about Twitter parodies?

Social media's influence is incredible, with the link between traditional and social media growing on a daily basis. Something interesting happens on Twitter and before you know it the story's hit national headlines. All communications professionals should by now be taking social media seriously. But what should you do if someone takes it not so… Continue reading Should brands worry about Twitter parodies?

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Is story telling easy?

Stories - one of the many latest buzz words in marketing. It's an ancient art that's been done well for centuries and has shaped human evolution, but according to Marketing Week, TED, and more, we need to learn new ways to do it. You could say my training in story telling is down to my… Continue reading Is story telling easy?